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SEO consulting - Seo friendly wordpress urls on namesco zeus servers

Seo friendly wordpress urls on namesco zeus servers

Search engines loves lots of updated copy. Sites that regularly add original, unique content are seen by Google and the like as important, and more useful to web users. That means, if you keep your website up to date, you will end up ranking higher in the search engines than a website whose copy doesn’t change, or hasn’t been updated lately.

It’s also worth considering that your content includes the keywords and phrases that you would like to be discovered online for. Search engine optimised copy lead to your website being more likely found by search engine users when they look for a product or service that you provide, meaning more users come to your site

Even the most glittering content can become dull over time. The attention of internet readers is very short, you basically have a few seconds to take them and make them want to keep reading. Your website content may describe precisely what you do, but is it lively enough to hold the eyes of a reader and to keep them reading?

Copy needs to be concise and engaging, getting to the point soon, and providing the option for users to find out more. Words should be in bite sized sections, making it simple to scan and process the data with little effort. Text heavy sentences that aren’t broken up by pictures or bullet points are a real negative too!